Continuing Work

I know it’s been a while since my last post but fear not because I haven’t been idle. Instead I have been incredibly busy on a number of projects at school and for my internship with Flickimage. For school I’m writing and producing a short film, Colombian. I am also spending my time working on a number of documentary shoots with Airstream as they and CCAD collaborate to reinvent the Airstream image for a new generation.

Besides my school work I can’t say much about my work with Flickimage just yet (at least in fine detail) but I can spill a few screenshots of my shoots at the moment. I’ll keep you guys updated as I continue my work and try to post more often!

Sequence 01.Still005

2013 Demo Reel

So I’ve finished it, its done, kaput! After hours of frustration and weeks of design my very first video demo reel is finally edited and ready for show! Made from shots collected from all my previous videos this reel is a compilation of  my finest scenes and movements. Along with it is the debut of my new motion graphics logo! The video itself was edited and compiled in Adobe Premire, Photoshop, and After Effects with sound design from Soundtrack Pro and the music attached to the piece is Neckbrace by Ratatat.

Clips here are taken from,

  • CCAD, Murphy, and You
  • The Long Way Up
  • Interview with Phelps Antonius
  • A Song of Peels and Bananas
  • Behind the Scenes from The Crane Lobby Confessional
  • Thumper
  • Skyelle
  • The Ebook of the Dead
  • Holy Ground
  • Knights and Weekends
  • Cavalcade
  • What is Ariesgate?

Now that the demo reel’s finally out of the way I can get back to laying out the script to my final video for my Digital Cinema class, 4-Squared.

Animation Reel

New Animation Reel

I mentioned that last semester I was working on a few animations for my first animation class at CCAD. Well after a grueling fifteen minutes I finally figured out how to export files from Toon Boom Harmony. So I slapped the videos I likes into Premiere and added a little diddy I found on the internet and wallah, Animation Reel!

I’m so close to finishing up my Demo Reel I can almost taste it!

The LEGO Movie Review


10/10 “Everything is awesome”

The LEGO Movie, don’t be alarmed folks this isn’t just a feature length commercial for toy bricks it’s actually a solid film. It was a little odd at first, Ally and I being the only adults without a kid in the theatre that night but as the film began it was clear that this wasn’t just a children’s movie, it was a film for everyone who was once a kid… And who happened to have played with LEGOs or be familiar with the last 60 years of pop culture surrounding the brand.

On the front the story is rather simple, impending doom, prophecy, chosen one, action. Something we’ve seen before clearly but directors and co-writers, Phil Lord and Chris Miller take that notion and build something truly unique. Our hero, Emmett, voiced by Chris Pratt is a simple guy in a world built from the ground up by LEGOs (no really, even the “special effects” are made from actual LEGO pieces, it’s stunning) Emmett is as bland as white bread and wants to be something special in life but sadly is such a nobody that it will never happen. We’ll never say never, while working in the most adorably cool construction crew known to man he comes across something odd, something not made from LEGOs!


This leads our ever-likable hero on a whirlwind adventure to stop big business lead by Will Ferrell from destroying the world. Aided by his all star co-stars Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Allison Brie, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman, Charlie Day, and Will Arnet who awesomely portrays the best Batman to date. Speaking of odd characters this movie takes full advantage of the LEGO brand and pulls in the largest array of characters… Such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Monster, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Green Lanturn, The Flash, Abraham Lincoln, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The 2002 NBA All-Star Lineup, Lando Calrissian, Gandalf, Dumbledore, Mermaid, William Shakespeare, The Statue of Liberty, Michelangelo, A Mummy, and the folk of Middle Ear-Zealand.


Best part is all this stuff just kind of blends, batman and friends just kind of blend in with the LEGO background, the story never focuses on C-3PO or the Justice League, they are just there and fit perfectly in the collage of awesome. Everything is awesome, the jokes are smart, the plot is captivating, it loos beautiful, and twist ending is perfect and heartfelt. Overall I’d say this is my favorite movie of the year and best animated nostalgia movie I’ve ever seen.

Go see it now! Step it up Pixar.

10/10 “Everything is Awesome”

The Long Way Up

The Long Way Up

Last weekend, I took some time and traveled out to Belelfontaine, Ohio to visit the Mad River Mountain ski resort and shoot a little narrative. The film is called, The Long Way Up it’s a short film, a character study about not giving up and facing your obstacles head on. For our star, played by Phil DiFranco, this obstacle is a mountain and a rival snowboarder, played by Devin Householder.

Filming this sucker was a crazy challenge for myself. I rented out a shoulder mount from CCAD for this project thinking Phil’s GoPro would be perfect for the first person shots but due to the fleeting moment and the fleeting time slot we had at the park I had to take matters into my own hands. That probably wasn’t the best idea but it had to be done, I have been skiing on and off for roughly eight or so years but taking my camera on a ride was another thing completely. So I strapped my 60D to the shoulder mount and prayed for smooth landing. Luckily not only did I not fall but with Premier’s warp stabilization tool I think I got some great footage. Hopefully next time I get a chance at this I’ll not only be a little smoother with my motions but also film during the day.

I should have some storyboards up for this one soon, which is pretty backwards for me but such is life. Oh and the credits beat was done by my friend Colin Hopkins, thank you Colin Hopkins. I think I’ll use some of these shots for my demo reel.

Sequence 01.Still002

Holy Ground

Back into the swing of things over here at CCAD as we start our spring semester. I know some of you are still waiting to see a few videos I’ve mentioned on here before but  fear not, they are still being edited and worked on which can only mean that they will be so much better for it! In the meantime you should all take a look at this documentary piece I made last week with Colin Hopkins and Zach Reindl entitled, Holy Ground.